Behind the Candelabra (2013)

Shoot the Piano Player (92)

I will admit it – I really admire Steven Soderbergh, but I was never his biggest fan (I just didn’t like him above any other director, although he had talent). However, I approached Behind the Candelabra with a wide-open mind. After all, seeing Michael Douglas playing the flamboyant Liberace would definitely be interesting.

Not only was it interesting, but the film was brilliant. Michael Douglas turns in his best performance since Wall Street (and perhaps this was even better than that) and he struts upon the screen perfectly. However, Matt Damon owns the film equally as much as his older co-star as he plays his young lover. Absolutely perfect in so many ways. The cast was glorified with cameos from the always great Dan Aykroyd, Rob Lowe who trades his “clean, pretty boy image” when he plays the eccentric plastic surgeon and of course the always great Debbie Reynolds.

The makeup in this film was spectacular. Douglas looks the part of Liberace, and Damon’s transformation from 16-year-old boy to man was equally brilliant. The costumes ranged from subtle to ridiculous, which only added to the camp classiness this film had.

It is difficult to describe how perfect this film was. This could go on to becoming the best film of the year, which is quite something considering that so many films such as Monuments Men and August: Osage County are arriving soon.

Like Liberace says: “Too much of a good thing…is wonderful” and that is exactly what this film is



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