Iron Man 3 (2013)

The Dictator (69)

Several people, including myself, enjoyed this film. However, it was fraught with many problems.

Let me state that of actors today, very few have the charm of Robert Downey Jr. No one could do what he does in Iron Man, Iron Man 2 or Iron Man 3. He is truly a great actor and an excellent superhero and his acting in the third installment was nothing but brilliant.

The problem comes with the other actors. Guy Pearce – was he REALLY the best person for the role? You just know he’s going to end up being bad. Gwyneth Paltrow was also boring as hell in the film and at one point I actually wished Pepper Potts had died when she fell into the fire. *yawn*

Ben Kingsley was on top form and it is one of my favorite BK performances. The fact that he turned out to be a complete idiot who wasn’t at all evil was so surprising – I honestly did not ever expect him to play such a role.

The villain story was really poor. I didn’t like how weak the storyline for the villain was. Mandarin is such a good villain, but the villainous plot was boring and could have been thought of with more emphasis on the storyline.

I loved how the film was more storyline driven in regards to Tony Stark – his inner fears and conflicts were really strong and carried the film for me. The action sequences were short, action-packed and wildly exciting which is how they are supposed to be as opposed to 3 hour fight scenes in other movies (Hobbit anyone?)

I didn’t hate this film. I enjoyed it and thought it was well-made. However, there were too many technicalities for this to be considered a great film. It was good, but it didn’t reach its full potential



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