Clear History (2013)

Before The Devil Knows You're Dead (87)

After reviewing the previous two movies, I felt depressed. So I am going to end this bad movie streak and actually review a proper movie:

Clear History – what a film! Amazing. I have been suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms since Curb Your Enthusiasm ended Season 8, and the fact that we get a feature length Larry David film makes me squeal with happiness.

The writing in this film was superb. Larry David does it again and shows us that he hasn’t lost it. The jokes were actually funny, the set-ups were long but worth it and the character development was really top-notch.

The problem I have is the lack of attention for the funnier supporting characters – to much time is spent on Kate Hudson, and not enough on JB Smoove, Live Schreiber or Michael Keaton. An extra two or three scenes for these guys would have just lifted the movie even more.

Larry David and Jon Hamm make a really great comedy couple and they should work together more often. The old Jewish man and the young attractive man dynamic between the two was brilliant, and the fact that the old man was the protagonist, and the young man was the antagonist was so revolutionary.

This is definitely a great film, and one that everyone should watch. It may be divisive and too intelligent for some people, but everyone should get a good laugh out of it.


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