Planes (2013)

Planes (44)

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of animation. Everything from Mulan and Hercules to South Park and the Simpsons to Toy Story and Shrek. Pixar’s Cars was a huge disappointment, but it still retained a level of quirkiness and cute laughs for adults and kids. Then there was Planes…

If there is an animated film that I could get erased from my memory, it is Planes. It was shockingly bad for a variety of reasons.

First of all, the cast – recent animated films can boast having one or two really big stars lend their voices to it. Finding Nemo had Ellen Degeneres, Albert Brooks and Geoffrey Rush giving their voices. Shrek had Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas. Planes, however, can only boast DANE COOK. That doesn’t make much sense to me, but I will let it slide because a guy’s got to work, don’t he? Then there was the part of Skipper, the old veteran. Let’s think of all the high profile old veterans available – Burt Reynolds, Donald Sutherland, Rip Torn, Robert Redford, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, and Clint Eastwood. All would have lent a really welcome voice to the character that was otherwise flatly performed by Stacey Keach.

The writing was so predictable. It was poorly developed and the screenplay seems like it is a scrapbook of every underdog story in history.

However, what I will give the film is its beauty. It was beautifully animated, and the film is filled with bright colours and wonderfully designed imagery. That is the sole reason this film is getting a mediocre ranking over a terrible ranking, because this is a testament to all the hard-working animators out there, and serves the purpose of showing how far we have come with animation.

You have better things to do than to see this sad excuse for a movie. Rent it for the kids to keep them quiet. But otherwise, it’s a waste of money.


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