Frozen (2013)

Frozen (84)

Recently, mainstream animated films have lost some of the quirkiness that defined them a decade ago. Recent offerings such as Brave and Tangled have been good, but not overwhelmingly great. Also, the films have become increasingly female-centric, which while not in any way a flaw, can be misconstrued as trying to sell to the feminine audience over the male. The latest Disney film, Frozen, is not a statistic in this trend in any way. It is jolly good entertainment, and brings Disney back to the brilliant institution it never wasn’t.

First of all, the animation in this film was superb. I can’t deny that since Disney moved onto 3D animation, Frozen is without a doubt their most beautifully animated film. Smooth, meticulously detailed and perfect to a fault, it was a blissful viewing experience.

A lot of recent animated movies have attempted to draw in big names to give voice to the characters. In Frozen, however, they don’t cast unknowns, but instead already famous actors and gave them a shot at playing the leads. Kristen Bell, as the fearless heroine, was quirky and cute. Jonathan Groff, who stole the show on Glee years ago, plays the male protagonist, and I suspect he was cast mainly for his singing voice, which wasn’t exactly used incredibly well. The two scene-stealers were Idina Menzel, who is on her way to becoming one of the biggest Broadway stars in history, and Josh Gad, whose epic one-liners were so odd but so hilarious.

The real star of this film was the music – Robert Lopez should deservedly top off his EGOT with a win for this film. Although not as classic as other Disney scores, it is definitely sweet and has many showstopping moments. “Let It Go” stopped my heart at its sheer beauty and Idina Menzel belting out the song definitely stands as one of the greatest moments in Disney history.
Otherwise, this is an incredible film. It appeals to the children, but parents can also get some good value out of it, based on the shockingly beautiful animation and witty jokes that may go straight over the heads of the kids. Definitely a Disney classic.


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