Frances Ha (2013)

Frances Ha(95)

Noah Baumbach is the new king of independent cinema, and Greta Gerwig the princess. When the two of them decided to work together, I believe all was right in the world at that second. Frances Ha was that very collaboration, and I believe we saw a new side of the amazingly talented (and beautiful) Greta Gerwig, and Baumbach topped himself once again by sculpting a film so beautiful in its imagery and narrative, it stands as one of the best films of the year.

One feature that seperates Frances Ha from most other films (even independent films) is how the story never really goes anywhere – Frances never grows incredibly as a person, nor does the story. She just experiences a series of consecutive events, so great and some not so great, but she deals with them all with the same quirky demeanour. You’d think the story not going anywhere would be a fault, but you’re wrong – its probably the closest film to real life that we’ll get this year (barring documentaries of course). Nothing super exciting happens for the normal person EVERYDAY, which makes this one of the most realistic films you’ll ever see.

Definitely a must-watch for all fans of independent cinema. Keep in note that it was filmed in black and white (magnificently so), and the story doesn’t move along incredibly fast. However, Gerwig’s enthusiasm and the optimism of the film will make you feel really happy after viewing this wonderful little film.


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