Please Welcome…Dame Angela Lansbury!


For many, this is some of the best news to enter the New Year with. Finally, after SEVENTY years in the performing arts, Angela Lansbury finally receives a CBE from the Queen of England, making her official Dame Angela Lansbury. 

This comes just over a month after her Honorary Academy Award win, one of the most deserved in history, adding just another award to her mantle, which includes five Tony Awards amongst other prestigious awards. Shockingly, she has never won an Emmy Award, not even for her iconic role in Murder, She Wrote

With the Octavia Spencer reboot of the show and Angela’s Oscar and Damehood, it seems like Dame Angela is relevant now more than ever – and hopefully she can remind everyone that she is the boss.

And somewhere, a very disappointed Steve Martin is shedding a tear because he wasn’t chosen to be a recipient of a knighthood (for all intents and purposes, I know that CBE can only be awarded to those in the British Empire)

Happy New Year everyone! 


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