Do Current Affairs Affect The Oscar Races?

One of our top news stories around the world over the last few days has been Michael Schumacher’s awful injury that has rendered him in a critical condition. Schumacher is a huge racing legend, and it occurred to me that Oscar voting has just begun, and there’s a little film that deals with racing and the dangers of it – Rush. While I know Schumacher was injured while skiing, I pondered if the association he has with racing will affect the AMPAS voters’ minds when they vote over the next few days. 

Rush was surprisingly nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture – Drama, and Daniel Brühl has received a Golden Globe, Screen Actor’s Guild and Broadcast Film Critics’ Association nomination for his performance as Niki Lauda, a legendary driver who was also badly injured. However, he could very easily be snubbed for a nomination for the Oscars – look at Nicole Kidman last year. However, the fact that Michael Schumacher has caused professional race-car driving to be pushed into the general public’s general thought, could this mean that Brühl could be pushed over the edge to get the nomination?

This may seem as exploitive to be using a terrible injury caused to Michael Schumacher and connecting it with a film’s chances to win an award. However, whether voters feel sympathy and tick of Brühl’s name to show that they are thinking of Schumacher, or they subconsciously have an emotional connection to the news story, I am not sure how likely he is to get the nomination. A racing-related injury on Schumacher would have definitely made a stronger case, but he was injured in a completely different manner, thus making the chances of Brühl getting a nomination based on that unlikely. If he does get nominated, it means that he is being recognized for his stellar work in Rush 

It has been brought up that the sad death of Nelson Mandela pushed Idris Elba to get a Golden Globe nomination as Madiba was in the news around the time of voting – however, the nominations were announced exactly a week after his passing, so last minute voting for Elba was unlikely. I prefer to think that he was nominated because the Golden Globes adore him (he’s won before) and not because he was portraying a man who recently died. 

What is your opinion? Drop me a comment and tell me what you think about how much current news affects the Oscar race 


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