Scary Movie 5 (2013)


Parody, satire, spoof – these are words commonly thrown around by filmmakers and comedians in regards to their art that lampoons various subjects in one of the most beloved forms of artistic expression. The Scary Movie series of films warrant no artistic merit. They are just plain terrible. But like you can’t stop touching a sore tooth, you can’t resist from laughing at Scary Movie 5, even if it is out of sheer disbelief at how ridiculous it is.

The film is funny, but first and foremost it is almost unbearably stupid. The haunted house/possessed children storyline has been drawn out so much over the last half-decade. I understand why the Scary Movie team wants to keep things current, but if they really want to spoof something effective, why not do something like The Shining or Scream? Horror movies that will be introduced to a new, younger audience.

Of course this film has a million pointless cameos. However, the cameos of Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan in the first scene is actually very funny. I would have preferred a whole movie of THAT than the sad trainwreck we got instead.

In the spoof world, we have gone from brilliant films like Airplane! And The Naked Gun. Slowly, spoofs became a dumb, morose exercise. Scary Movie 5 is ridiculously stupid, though it does have its funny moments. Sadly, those few funny moments aren’t close to enough to save this awful film. Time to let this franchise die…


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