Dallas Buyers Club (2013)


If any film will make you both scared and excited, it is Dallas Buyers Club. This film succeeds both because of the impressive performances and the gritty filmmaking that made this important piece of art look the way it does, quite simply phenomenal 

Unlike American Hustle, which I reviewed just before this, Dallas Buyers Club is solely dependant on the two co-leads of this film. Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto worked together to craft two impressive performances – they transformed into these characters, and through their dedication, the audience can feel the plight of these characters, and it is impossible not to feel a slight twang of sadness when watching these performances. They touch you in ways that not many films can, and one can’t be blamed for being reduced to tears after viewing this film.

Jean-Marc Vallee pulls out all the stops in crafting this film. It is expertly photographed and edited, and is reminiscent of gritty independent cinema, which so clearly influenced this film. It never once feels self-indulgent or preachy – the tone is scathing and bitter, but sweet and touching at the same time. These performances appear as real and unrehearsed. The documentary feel of it creates a natural sense of urgency – HIV/AIDS is very real, and it can affect anyone who is not careful.

Dallas Buyers Club is a very important film as it tackles a epidemic that still exists to this day. This film achieves something amazing – it shows the past, affects the present and influences the future. HIV/AIDS is an all too real problem, and we need to keep those suffering from it in our minds, and constantly remember how we can make a difference, and films like Dallas Buyers Club can only help remind people that we may be individuals, but if we band together, a real difference can be made.

Well done


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