The Room (2003)


There is a difference between a bad film and an uninteresting film. An uninteresting film is just a run-of-the-mill, mediocre, crappy effort at making money. They usually end up being boring and unmemorable, and they get produced several times a year. A bad film is a film just so bad, it actually is damn entertaining and impossible to hate.

Now when it comes to the grandfather of bad films, The Room, a film so mind-blowingly bad and utterly silly, it is impossible to comprehend why it was made in the first place. It just has such bad writing, poor directing, unresolved plot points and is just plain BAD. And I have never met a single person who doesn’t absolutely adore this film. To be fair, I can’t exactly give this film a high score, because then it would imply it is a good film – which it definitely isn’t. But I can’t give it a bad score either, because that’s just needlessly mean and cruel. That is why The Room is getting my first (and likely only) “UMMMM…” score.

If you don’t know anying about The Room, its basically about Johnny, a man in love with Lisa, who is in turn in love with Johnny’s best friend, Mark. Sounds like an average soap opera, right? Add this – Johnny is a creepy pseudo-European weirdo with greasy hair, Lisa is a blank-faced, lazy blonde and Mark is a line producer who can’t act his way out of a paper bag. Add to the mix a creepy teenager and Lisa’s mother who has an apathetic reaction to her own cancer diagnosis and you have the most endearing cast of any film in the last decade. Not really…

So what makes The Room so damn lovable? Maybe it is the fact that Tommy Wiseau had the undying belief that what he was making was a good film. He lacked all the essentials for a great film – a good cast, a well-written script and a believable story. Yet, Wiseau still felt like what he was making would win awards. That is why the film has such a strangely hilarious tone to it – in a world of slick action films and smooth romantic comedies, this film dares to be both.

The Room has definite charm, but that doesn’t at all make it a good film. It is, in mine and many others’ opinion, the worst film of all time. But it should wear that badge proudly, because it takes a lot of effort to make such a bad film, and I don’t see a world where I don’t revisit this film every now and then just for a good chuckle and some entertainment. Everyone should see this film. Bonus points if you can see it with the Rifftrax commentary as well at some point.


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