Friday (1995)

Captain Phillips (88)

One thing that I live by that have caused me to be the victim of several raised eyebrows is the fact that I think Ice Cube is a pretty good actor. He has been typecast as the intense and harsh tough guy in so many films, it is actually pretty interesting to see him give a different kind of performance. Friday proves this theory, as it is a very funny and unique film.

It is very surprising to see the intimidating Ice Cube playing a pretty pathetic loser. He is good-hearted, but man is he lazy. Not to mention that this film takes place on Friday, everyone’s favorite day (if it isn’t, you should probably get your head checked out sometime). Ice Cube is just there to hold the film together, because there is a variety of quirky and strange characters introduced throughout the film. Chris Tucker steals the show as the co-lead, and seeing him in this film makes me a little disappointed he never reached the heights in his career that he could’ve. Everyone in this film is at the top of their game, but it is John Witherspoon who gives an absolutely hilarious and brilliant performance as Ice Cube’s tough, but good-hearted, father.

I must just bring this up – African-American cinema has become quite a niche genre, and its a shame, because (and no disrespect to him), Tyler Perry has made them too divisive and his high-yield methods mean his production values are low, and thus he just has the intention of making money. It is a shame, because, as Friday shows, these films can be very warm and very funny, and can be entertaining to everyone. Like Ice Cube says in the introduction for the DVD, he just had the intention to show that while films like Boyz n the Hood were great films, he also wanted to show that life in the hood can be fun and just as interesting and harmless as anywhere else on Earth. There is a very dramatic climax, but the majority of the film still remains silly, hilarious and so odd.

Friday is an incredibly funny film, and it is worth it because everyone actually gave their all and did what was necessary to make this a really good, entertaining film

P.S. As far as I am concerned, the sequels don’t exist.



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