About Movies Unchained

Is there anything more unifying in this rapidly changing world than cinema? Movies offer us the chance to escape from the real world for a few hours and live through the eyes of so many different characters and be able to experience so many different stories from our seats. I will endeavor to write about film in all its incarnations to allow for my readers to come along on this journey with me as I go forth and try and discover all the corners of the cinematic world – from the biggest blockbusters, to grandiose foreign epics to independent gems.

DISCLAIMER: This is a personal review blog, where all reviews are written by me (unless contributed by a guest contributor, who will be fully credited). The films reviewed are all the property of their respective creators, companies and distributors. The images used on this blog, such as film posters and film screenshots, are all the property of their respective owners, and I do not claim ownership of any film poster or film still or screenshot on this blog.



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