Rating System

For quite a while, Movies Unchained used a percentage (0 – 100%) scale, and it served us well. However, there are a few problems with that system, and it tended to become a bit too complicated. Therefore, we’ve introduced a brand new system, based on the traditional star-rating system.

However, there’s a bit of a difference – ratings from one to five stars are so common and taut, and we chose to do something a little different – and just because we can, we’ve decided to make use of a seven-star rating system. Here’s how it works:


A film that scores the full seven-stars is sure to be anything from perfect to a near-perfect masterpiece. Very few films qualify for this ranking, but it certainly is not impossible for a film to achieve it. The film needs to soar on absolutely all levels – directing, writing, performance, technical prowess, innovation/originality and overall experience are all important factors to consider, and a film needs to be distinctive and master every one of these areas, and perhaps even more.

6There is no such thing as a perfect film, and while it is incredibly rare for a film to achieve a full score, it is far more common to see a film that has managed to be brilliant and achieve something amazing without being entirely perfect or without flaws. A film that achieves six stars is pretty much exactly what the definition of a truly great film is. It may not reach the historical heights of the films in the higher category, but they are pretty much brilliant in a multitude of ways

5For films that should have been amazing, or had genuine potential to be absolute masterpieces, but are just lacking something that allows it to reach the heights that it could. However, these films still manage to be impressive and distinctive in their own ways, and still are well worth your time in seeking out and are in essence extremely well-made, worthwhile films

Untitled design (2)Films that are entertaining and enjoyable, and worth seeking out, yet are not entirely well-formed and perhaps even lack qualities that would make it an absolute essential viewing. Essentially middle-of-the-road, pleasurable but otherwise not unmissable films, but still a pretty good time in the end.

3Three-star films are mediocre, but not bad enough to be written off completely. They are slightly above-average (or the very definition of average in some cases), and while some may enjoy them, it will not be considered a huge loss if you choose something else. Most of the time, these are films that I found fascinating or of interest, yet are not good enough to qualify to be considered particularly good or worthwhile to seek out unless it is something that interests you in some way.

2Unremarkable, missable films that are reserved for those who are fans of people involved or the subject matter. Below-average, but not awful enough to be written off completely. Not entirely suggestive of seeking out urgently, but if its something you’re interested in, then it may be worth your time.

1The definition of a waste of time. A film that one shouldn’t have to endure. I try and be as fair to every film, and thus I don’t usually like to completely dismiss a film – yet, if a film manages to achieve this score, then it isn’t worth your time at all, and I’d suggest you seek something else out, because there is very likely few redeeming qualities to this film